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Originally designed to address the conflict between increasing demand for golf versus the pressures of climate, time and space, X-Golf has since grown into a global powerhouse of golf simulation technology. Relentless pursuit of innovation and refinement has made X-Golf the simulator of choice for any player who knows their golf.

With a presence across Asia, North America, Europe and now Australia , it’s time you experienced the new direction for a time-honoured game and create unforgettable experiences in your home or workplace.

Using the same camera technology and software as Olympic-level pistol shooting and archery — capturing accurate ball flight information at up to 50,000rpm and 200mph — X-Golf players enjoy the power and sophistication of 98% accuracy, as they play multiple game modes including training and party modes, across some of the world’s most iconic golf courses. Plus, X-Golf’s patented automatic ball retrieval and tee-up system gives you the freedom to focus on what matters – your game.

X-Golf’s features combine to provide an unforgettable experience that is sophisticated enough for serious golfers, yet intuitive enough for newer players.


NEX Golf Simulator

The NEX Simulator

A sophisticated level of play in the most realistic way

Augmenting high-speed light sensors and cameras with advanced laser sensors, the NEX system is the most accurate simulator in the X-Golf range. These features combine to offer unprecedented and precise accuracy in measuring ball speed, direction and club data, allowing golfers of all skill levels to experience and analyse their game like never before.

EYE Golf Simulator

The EYE Simulator

Our most accurate measurement ability in 3 directions

The EYE Simulator measures the trajectory and rotation of the ball in 3 dimensions, using a sophisticated 4-channel camera system that offers incredible ball tracking accuracy. By precisely measuring the ball in flight, launch angle, ball direction and speed, the EYE provides golfers an unrivalled level of realism and elegance of play.

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